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Playright Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy for Kids

A Place to Play

We uphold the philosophy that playfulness is one of the best tools for reaching out to helping our children. As such, we strive to provide a setting conducive to nurturing that playful spirit. We want to spark imagination, creativity, thought, problem solving, and resourcefulness in a playful context.  When a child enters Playright they are introduced to a realm of endless possibilities. Each child is presented with carefully planned activities designed to challenge them in a therapeutically successful manner, boosting their confidence and self esteem, while fostering their development.

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Location: 3700 Katella Ave. Suite 202, Los Alamitos, CA 90720. (We are upstairs and our entrance is in the BACK of the building, along with our parking lot.)

Telephone: (562) 430-1698

Email: sandy@playright.com

A little about our sessions.

Occupational therapy sessions require a commitment of one hour per week. They include 50 minutes with your child in session and 5 minutes to allow for transitions to and from the therapist. Expect to be in clinic for an hour. 

As of November, 2022 we are no longer accepting new clients using insurance as a form of payment. We can provide a SuperBill with treatment codes for those wishing to be reimbursed by their insurance carriers.  Our private therapy sessions are offered on a monthly basis only at a rate of $500 per month and include one session per week. The rate is prorated accordingly if we can not offer at least 4 sessions for that month. Other services, such as assessments, reports or consultations are based on an hourly rate of $125 per hour.

What is OT

The pediatric occupational therapy profession believes all children ought to have opportunities to reach their potential, and to help them do so, pediatric occupational therapists work through play to foster development and functional participation. The occupations of children entail their roles as players, sons and daughters, siblings, friends, students, super heroes, helpers, and teammates. When a child’s ability to participate meaningfully in their daily occupations is interrupted or limited, occupational therapy can help them to overcome, adapt and compensate. This will help them succeed in becoming independent and efficient in their daily routines, and to make and keep friends.

Meet with Kimberley

Kimberley Arnett-De Simone, OTR/L graduated from Saint Catherine’s University in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1988, and has been practicing in the area of pediatrics since that time.  After receiving her degree, and completing her pediatric affiliation at The Waisman Center in Madison, Wisconsin, she practiced at Central Wisconsin Center For the Developmentally Disabled.  In 1991, she relocated to Southern  California. She advanced from staff therapist to a senior therapist at a private practice sensory integration clinic in Irvine, California where she practiced for 17 years. She has advanced training in many areas of expertise within the field, including sensory processing and sensory integration.

In 2008, she started Playright in Los Alamitos, California to offer pediatric occupational therapy in a themed environment that provides a backdrop to stimulate the imagination and creative play. Each session is an adventure that the child and therapist create together. 

YouTube Extra

See Kimberley in Action on YouTube

Curing the Covid lock down, Kimberley took time to share some knowledge on YouTube. See her channel here. YouTube Link

It’s picture sharing time.. Take a look inside Playright

This is our primary fun room with a Giant Robot and Airship.

When it’s time to crash and bump, kids come here.

When you enter Playright, this is our lobby entrance.

Here is our main art room.

Another creative space for games

Often kids need a sensory break and visit this room.

We offer Telehealth services for those who can’t make the session in person.

Another play place for smaller children.

This is our waiting room with Disney + and Netflix

This is where you’ll meet with Kim to discuss your child.