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This school year feels so different from any other I’ve experienced in my lifetime.  Do you feel like you are in a fog, not knowing how long your children will be attending virtual schooling, whether they will be going back to in person classrooms, and whether they will be safe if they do?  

Kids feel the disorganization and confusion too.  For some it is an adventure, and for others they are deeply disappointed that they won’t see their friends in person.  Most children have adapted to a world that involves wearing masks in public and limited community outings.  They have had to accept not going to an amusement park, a movie, or the mall.  Some have been able to get outside and swim, or go camping, while others have spent more time pursuing home based activities from science to art, to video games and yes, zoom sessions.

We have had time to digest the pandemic condition of our planet Earth, and now it seems time to get busy moving forward and focus on the positive things we can do.  Time to let go of the sadness of what is no more, and create a new future.  At Playright, we have a slogan, “You Can Make Yourself.”  

  1. Start with your strengths and what you already Can Do.  Then, don’t fear growth!  I love these lines from Frozen 2, “All One Can Do Is The Next Right Thing,”  “Fear Can’t Be Trusted” and “How I Wish It Could Stay This Way Forever, And Yet Change Mocks Us With Her Beauty.”  
  2. Ask yourself, “What can I do today, in this moment?” It can be counter-productive to jump too far into the future, so start with now.
  3. What do I want my children to see in my example?  Answer this carefully, without expectation that they will notice it any time soon.  Often children reflect back on their examples from childhood, only after some life experience of their own, and of course the maturation of their frontal lobe, which can occur late in the 20’s.  Our example we set now for our children is like planting seeds.  No guarantee they will take root, but some will, and we don’t know when.  Try not to be attached to the results, and just focus on what is the right thing to do here and now.
  4. Our thoughts control our feelings, so if you are not liking how you are feeling, change what you are thinking about!  Some of us ruminate over the past, the future, and even the ridiculous.  Start being mindful of what thoughts are kicking around in your head, and take the reins to steer your thoughts where you want to go. 
  5. Look for role models.  We often tell our children to do this, but as adults, we can do this too!  Ask yourself, “Who do I admire, why, and do I wish I had those same qualities?” Everything manifests from an initial thought, desire, focus, and goal.  
  6. If you catch yourself saying, “ I could never . . .”  Change your thought channel and flip it:  “I could . . .” Because, you can!
  7. What does this have to do with Back to School?  There is an energy that surrounds September, Back to School and Fall, and it is one of “fresh start,” “get organized,” “set goals.” Let’s set a goal that this school year is going to be a magnificent opportunity, so let’s make the most of it!”

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